Growing Turkish Tobacco: Grow Your Own Tobacco Today!
       You can order Turkish tobacco seeds here any time of year! Our seeds are always fresh and grown right here in New Hampshire. Our strain of Turkish tobacco is acclimated to the north and should do well in any part of the world-EVEN YOURS!

       We give the best deal on Turkish tobacco seed you'll find anywhere because we are the producer.  $10 USD gets you a full one-eighth gram of Turkish tobacco seed worldwide, with free shipping, plus a free Tobacco Curing and Flavoring Guide.  This is approximately 1000 SEEDS, far more than the average grower needs. It gives the novice plenty of extra in case of  mistakes, while an ambitious grower could with care grow 800 plants!

       If  you  prefer a lesser amount of  seeds, we can send you  500 for $5.00 USD, without the Curing Guide.

       Each full grown plant produces an average of two ounces of dried leaf, and grows 4-6 feet tall with leaves 10-12 inches long.

Growing Turkish Tobacco
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How to order:

Send $10 CASH (We DO NOT accept checks or money orders) with your order using our printable tobacco seed ORDER FORM   or mail your  payment, name, address,
(and e-mail, if desired), to:
P.O. Box 351
Greenville, NH 03048

We also accept ONLINE ORDERS via PayPal for instant delivery! PayPal is a secure, easy way to order using your credit or debit card. Simply click the 'Buy Now' or 'Add to Cart' buttons and you will be redirected to PayPal's ordering page.
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NEW!  You may now purchase seeds using Bitcoin. Click here for more information.

       Seed should be started 6-8 weeks before your climate allows outdoor planting, so ORDER TODAY and you will have your seeds within 2 weeks! Thank You for your order.

         If you have any questions or bulk order requests, please contact us at: orders(at)growingturkishtobacco(dot)com.  (Replace the words in parentheses with '@' and '.' respectively.)