Growing Turkish Tobacco: Grow Your Own Tobacco Today!
Growing Turkish Tobacco
Tobacco FAQ

1. What's the difference between Turkish tobacco and  "regular" tobacco?

Turkish tobacco, also known as Oriental or Grecian tobacco, is  "regular" tobacco!  It is a variety of Nicotiana tabacum, as are most of the well-known smoking varieties, such as Burley and Virginia. Another tobacco species, Nicotiana rustica, or Indian tobacco, is an extremely high-nicotine content tobacco used mainly for ceremonial smoking purposes and making poisonous darts!

Turkish tobacco could be called a "gourmet" variety because of its rich, mellow smoking qualities.  It also has a slightly lower nicotine content than some other varieties under identical growing conditions, while being smoother and more flavorful.

2.  Why should I buy my tobacco seeds from

Through careful selection, we have produced a fast-growing, robust strain of Turkish tobacco that is acclimated to the harsh climate of southern New Hampshire; our plants have even withstood mild frosts before harvest!  In addition, our plants are largely unaffected by common tobacco plant diseases and are grown organically with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides!  Our seeds are always sold fresh and have a very high germination rate, nearly 100% at 65 degrees F in 5-7 days.

3.  Is tobacco difficult to grow?

Some varieties are harder to grow than others because they are more affected by tobacco-specific diseases and offer the best flavor only when harvested at the proper point of development.  Our strain of Turkish tobacco, however, is not so "fussy" and is easy for the novice to grow with reasonable common sense and care.  Please see our Growing Tips page for more info.

4. I live in the North. Can I grow Turkish tobacco?

North Pole -- yes.  If you grow the entire crop indoors under HID lights.  For outdoor growing, approximately 3 months of frost-free growing time will be fine, just start your plants indoors, under lights, 6-8 weeks before your last spring frost.

5. Why should I grow my own tobacco?

If you are a smoker, the cost savings should be obvious. A pack a day at $5.00 per pack (New Hampshire "bargain brands" price) costs $1825.00 per year - much of it TAX!!  Commercial tobacco is loaded with chemicals which are more harmful to your health than tobacco alone, making homegrown tobacco safer by comparison.  Growing top-quality tobacco will impress your friends, even those who don't smoke!

6. Can Turkish tobacco be used for making cigars?

Yes and no.  Turkish tobacco makes an excellent cigar filler, especially when blended with other varieties.  However, it is not the best choice for a wrapper.

7. Can Turkish tobacco be used for making chewing tobacco?

Yes.  Our curing guide, available free only with your seed order, includes a customizable recipe for snuff style chew, as well as clove and other flavored cigarette blends.

8. Is it legal to grow tobacco?

Generally, laws regulating tobacco apply only to the sale of consumable tobacco products, or the possession or use by underage individuals.  Generally, using, sharing, or giving away your homegrown tobacco to or with other adults is O.K., but not selling or offering it for sale, without first registering for and paying taxes.  Check your local laws if in doubt.

9. Can Turkish tobacco be used to make an organic gardening pesticide?

Yes. See here for details.
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