Growing Turkish Tobacco: Grow Your Own Tobacco Today!
Growing Turkish Tobacco
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Promix BX
96-Cell Seed Starter Greenhouse
9"x19" HYDROFARM Heat Mat
This is what the pros use to guarantee maximum germination. Provides even warmth for superior results.  Fits 1 standard seed tray. Keep plugged in 24/7 until sprouts appear. Cuts germination time from 2 weeks to only 3 to 5 days!


10"x20" 96-cell Seed Starting Tray w/ Dome Lid
Highest quality heavy duty plastic seed tray with 96-cell insert for starting 96 plants. Heavy gauge clear plastic cover keeps in moisture and warmth for maximum success in starting any type of plant. Reusable, not flimsy like department store seed trays.

Promix BX                        
By far, the best starting mix to use for successful germination. This is the only starting mix we use for our plants. Works great for rooting cuttings. Quality unrivaled by commonly available starting mixes. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

One gallon bag, $5

Organic Catnip Mice
Organic Catnip Mice
We grow our catnip without chemicals or pesticides, ensuring a safe treat for your favorite feline.  Plants are harvested and dried at the height of their potency then stuffed into colorful hand-sewn cotton mice!  These toys are far more aromatic than any you find in pet stores. 4-1/2" long body, our choice of colors/patterns.
Grow Kit - Save $ and get  free Turkish tobacco seeds!

Includes HYDROFARM Heat Mat, 96-cell Seed Starting Tray, one-gallon Promix BX, plus 200 free Turkish tobacco seeds.


Except for seed-only orders, all orders,
regardless of number of items, ship for $9.95.
We have no minimum order.
(Please view exceptions below.)
1/8 gram Turkish Tobacco Seeds (~1000)
Includes a free Tobacco Curing and Flavoring Guide


~500 (1/16 gram) Turkish Tobacco Seeds
Does not include the Tobacco Curing and Flavoring Guide
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Tobacco Curing and Flavoring Guide
This detailed guide is a valuable resource for the home grower!  You'll receive easy-to-follow recipes to make snuff similar to your favorite name-brands and a fabulous recipe for clove cigarettes!